Wonderful New Trail Map for Mt. Davidson Park

Nancy Milholland has generously created the first-ever comprehensive trail map for Mt. Davidson Park! While the summit of San Francisco’s highest hill has been a city park since 1929, the trails are not marked and there has never been a official trail map published.

The new Mt. Davidson map is available as a web map that can be viewed through a browser on desktop or mobile device. There are two different maps available – one is strictly a trail map, and the second is a map based photo gallery. With the trail map application, one can click on a map feature and it will bring up a popup with information about the item.  There is also a Mount Davidson Photo Gallery Web Map, that combines the web trail map with geocoded photo locations. The user can browse through photos in the carousel on the bottom of the web page, or click on points in the map to see the associated picture. The map was created using ESRI’s ArcGIS Online Story Map template.

MtDavidsonTrails copy

Posted April 14, 2015