Ralph E. Hurlburt – Master Designer

I have had a lifelong interest in art and architecture. I wrote a biography of Harold G. Stoner, an architect of Period Revival style homes where I live in San Francisco. I have always had an attraction to these romantic and art-filled Spanish Revival and Storybook designs from the 1920s. I was surprised to learn a few years ago from Alexandra Wallace, an excellent researcher at Legacy106, that the nephew of my great grandfather, Ralph Everett Hurlburt (1888-1942), had been creating the same style of homes in the same time period in San Diego – where I visited my grandparents, great grandparents, and went to college.

In 2001 I started a research project into my father’s family of origin and wrote it all out on a website my son, Aaron, designed for me. I included information about the Hurlburts, who migrated to San Diego from Nebraska at the same time as my great grandparents, and a picture I had been given by a family member of Ralph Hurlburt. Relatives said he was involved in real estate, but never mentioned he designed houses. When Ms. Wallace contacted me about using the picture for a residential landmark designation report, I was very surprised. Later I went to San Diego to check out some of houses and was given access to more pictures of him. One of the historic preservation volunteers I met on the trip, Katherine Hon, has kindly written an article about my research of Ralph E. Hurlburt:  Enduring Legacy.